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Company Formation

Economic center in Asia.
Friendly and transparent business environment

Best Opportunity in lowest amount of investment.
Variety incentive tax policies

One of the world’s largest logistics hubs
Leading host for global foreign investment

Best opportunity to Invest in Economy Budget
High level Information Security

International Finance Center
Simple tax system

Best Center to startup & Simple paperwork system
International Financial Center

Corporate Banking

We offer for clients bank account opening over 25 jurisdictions, with over 32 of the world’s leading top quality reputation bank.

Quick offshore bank account openings. Maximum confidentiality

Help you choosing the most suitable bank for your business remotely.
Save your time, easily open bank account without leaving your desk.

Some banks require the physical presence
Our experts will prepare all necessary documents, arrange a meeting with the bank at your convenient time

Tax - Accounting & Auditing

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Help you prepare, maintain your accounting documents and audit by a Certified Public Accountant firm
United States

United States

Our specialists assist you to fulfill the compliance requirement and keep proper books of accounts, identifying tax-efficient strategies
United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Prepare account and help to reduce the administrative, request UTR number and tax assessment for your company allowing you to concentrate on running your business


Prepare account and help to reduce the administrative, request UTR number and tax assessment for your company allowing you to concentrate on running your business


The accountancy and audit market is dominated by small local firms; there are no local affiliate firms of major international accounting networks.


specializes in a full range of Auditing and accounting solutions that are tailored to streamline accounting processes and increase profits for the business of all sizes.
New Zealand

New Zealand

Up-to-date information and background knowledge can help support and grow your business internationally.


Malaysia has all the characteristics of good tax system i.e. fairness, equitable and transparent administration of tax to increase public confidence.

Citizenship Program

Are you looking for a Plan B
in the face of uncertainty?

Do you need to secure your
family’s future?

Would you like more personal
freedom of mobility?

Are you looking for a Plan B
in the face of uncertainty?

Do you need to secure your
family’s future?

Would you like more personal
freedom of mobility?

Book Keeping Services

Prepare source documents for all transactions

Prepare source documents for all transactions, operations, and other business events; source documents are the starting point in the bookkeeping process.

Determine and enter in source documents

Determine and enter in source documents the financial effects of the transactions and other business events.

Make original entries of financial effects

Make original entries of financial effects into journals and accounts, with appropriate references to source documents.

Online Merchant Account

Create Account

Create Account

Sign up with Email Confirmation.
Easily get your account just less than 5 minutes.
Start Integrating

Start Integrating

Test all kinds of transactions right on your Dashboard (Sandbox environment).
Activating LIVE

Activating LIVE

Send LIVE account’s request by filling out the active form online.
PayCEC will base on the information to support for you.
Accept Payment

Accept Payment

By simple steps in Dashboard, payment comes to your bank account within few days.

Our Other Services

Our serviced office packages enable you to easily and quickly lease an office in any of our locations throughout the world and support your business to expand into other markets.


Nowadays, you can find agencies that can help you incorporate your Company in the most appropriate way. However, only a few of them are actually very reliable and we are certainly one of those few agencies. We helped many Companies with their Company incorporation in Singapore. We have had a wonderful journey so far and all along this journey. But one thing in our mind that is to help more and more people set up their businesses in the world without having to face the slightest difficulty. Furthermore. Ever since we started. We have been constantly trying to offer you the most cost-effective solutions and in fact. This is one of the reasons that made us hugely popular over the years.


You may visit our website to check out all our services as well as our outstanding track record. After you are fully convinced, you may give us a call anytime. Once you hire our incorporation services, You can rest assured of the quickest and smoothest Company incorporation. Most importantly, all along the process. We will ensure that we don’t bother you with anything and you could focus on your core business without having to worry about anything pertaining to the setting up of your Company. It is our years of experience that will make the process quick and free from any disruption. On the contrary, As one tries to handle it on one’s own, there’s a great possibility for one to go wrong with a lot of things which will eventually make the process necessarily lengthy and frustrating.


What is your perception of Company Registration in Singapore? A lot of people actually see it as a very complex and complicated procedure which is, of course, not provided that you hand it over to the experts as it is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. We are Singapore Incorporation with an excellent expertise in this field and you can hire us without a second thought as we will help you register your Company in Singapore in the quickest possible time. However, as you head off to the Singapore Company Registration phase, you need to keep a few information and documents ready with you. Here is what you need to get ready:
  • Company Name
  • Brief Description of Business Activities
  • Shareholders Particulars
  • Directors Particulars
  • Registered Address
  • Company Secretary Particulars
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)

  • WE WILL HELP YOU WITH EVERY SINGLE THING PERTAINING TO THE BUSINESS REGISTRATION Although there’s no denying the fact that Singapore Company Registration is actually not very complicated but it is certainly a bit complex and there are several aspects that need to be taken well care off. Once you hire our business Registration service, we will help you at every point and with every single thing pertaining to the Business Registration. We will help you reserve your Company Name as well as help you with the issue of the Certificate of Incorporation and creation Company Business Profile. Also, we will help you with getting a Business license, Goods and Service Tax (GST) Registration and of course, Annual Filing Requirements.


    According to the Singapore Companies Act., Section 171, the applicants meeting the following eligibility criteria can qualify for the company secretary role in any of the companies in Singapore such as:
    – Firstly, the applicant should be the local resident of Singapore or have valid Permanent
    – Residency (PS) pass, Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, etc.

    – Having good qualification or have completed with higher level diploma, degree or certificate courses in the same domain.

    – The applicant having years of experience in company secretary service field.

    – Understanding responsibilities of a company secretary from scratch.

    – Aware of rules of ACRA and other corporate authorities in Singapore.

    – He should be excluded from the team of board of directors in the company.


    We at, iCompany House are committed to render highly experienced and fully verified Corporate Secretary Singapore’s Company. Our offered company secretaries are proficient and reliable to serve client as per need and can manage its company’s all secretarial services as per industry norms in Singapore. We take pride in offering fully professional company secretaries, who have depth knowledge of their duties and can help company’s directors and owners in the following areas:
    • -> Securing common seals
    • -> Consultancy services
    • -> Maintaining financial records and accounting books of company.
    • -> All types of administration works of company.
    • -> Submitting annual returns and XBRL filing to ACRA
    • -> Resolve clients’ business issues and legal matters of the company.
    So, do not be late to call us to avail cost-effective and reliable secretarial services for your company in Singapore now!


    – Stringent review and management of your company’s account and its financial documents such as delivery notes, bank statements, purchase invoices, sales invoices, inward notes, etc. All will be done effectively in order to maintain ledger of account of your business timely.
    – We help our customers to do drafting of their accounts and financial statements or expenses that will be governed by Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) for legal submission.
    – We assist the client to understand all corporate rules and regulations to the new companies in Singapore and will help them to manage their accounts and financial reports adequately as per government norms.
    – We will be right there for you to assist at every step of accounting and finance related works to be done and preparing reports for the same as per the rules.
    – We provide skilled accountants and financial experts to manage your company’s account and all financial transaction reports as well as keep them safe in records for future reference.

    We can put every account related thing in its right place irrespective of the current position of your Company. Over the years, many companies have largely benefited from our bookkeeping services in Singapore. On top of that, our experienced staffs will fully comprehend your financial goals and you can always rest assured of the best accounting advice from our accounting staff without having to pay any extra charge for it. Most importantly, this will certainly leave you with a better piece of mind to focus on your core business.
    -Here are the various accounting services that we offer:


    Have you ever heard of Cloud Computing? With our Cloud Computing software, you can perform accounting operations anytime and anywhere over the internet. Also, it works equally well on all devices and browsers as it runs on the server. Ever since Cloud Computing evolved, it has brought about a huge flexibility for a lot of businesses and furthermore, one doesn’t need to have a background in accounting to use Cloud computing. We offer two types of Cloud Computing service; Xero Cloud Accounting Software and QuickBooks Online Services.


    In many countries, it is mandatory for companies other than the private or dormant companies to file their audited reports to ACRA and for that, a Company needs to appoint an auditor within 3 months from the date of its incorporation. Once an auditor is appointed, it will be the auditor’s responsibility to audit the accounts of your Company before every annual submission. We can assure you of the best auditing service through our associated audit firms.


    On 1 November 2007, ACRA made it mandatory for incorporated organizations in Singapore to submit their financial statements in XBRL. For those of you who aren’t much aware of XBRL, it stands for Extensive Business Reporting language which is specially used for presenting financial statements in light of online records or exchanges. The records can be exchanged specifically to auditors, and financial analysts, for various purposes. XBRL offers additional financial data, enhanced straightforwardness, reliability, and convenient dispersal of important financial data.

    Trademark Registration Service

    We help our clients protect their investments, increase their market share and strengthen their competitive advantage. We are true interactive partners with every client. We take an approach to today’s emerging issues in the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual-property assets. We are uniquely positioned with a full-service IP practice that is fully integrated with other practices, providing anti-trust guidance on transactions and competition disputes and unsurpassed appellate capabilities before the federal courts, the Supreme Court/High Court and international tribunals. Because today’s economy transcends national borders, we offer comprehensive assistance in key business centres around the world. This global capability encompasses a large team of IP practitioners, located throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, to help us meet our clients’ worldwide IP needs.

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