Accounting and Auditing

Whether you need support with cash management, basic accounting or complex financial reporting, we can help. Our team of financial and accounting specialists will focus on your individual business requirements and design a tailored solution for you.

With a network of offices across the world’s financial centres, iCompany House has local advisers guaranteeing you easy communication and a fast response.

Services we Provide :

  • Consultation on financial planning (including tax and cost control)

  • Accounting

  • Preparation of financial statements in local format for submission, Reporting (IFRS, local GAAP)

  • Accessing your accounting software remotely to directly update financial reporting

  • Performing your audit report

  • Consolidation of group accounts.

  • Calculate and/or review of tax provision

  • Tax consolidation and optimization

Why Choose us in this Field ???

Compliance with authorized regulations

In accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards (FSR) for statutory submissions

Promptly & efficiently

Top accounting & auditing standards

Professional advisors & excellent services

Just Order - We Do All For You

Process of Auditing

Process of Accounting

Transaction or event

Source documents


Recording & posting

Trial balance


Documents Requirement for Accounting

  • Company bank statement

  • Business description overview

  • Sale orders/invoices to clients

  • Payment vouchers / Bills from suppliers

  • Expense notes/ Cash expense receipts

  • Contracts / Agreement (loan, payroll, debenture, borrowing, lease)

  • Personal bank statement if reimbursement expenses occur

If it is applicable,

  • Breakdown Account Receivable (unpaid / paid)

  • Accrual & Prepayment

  • Fixed asset register

  • Inventory listing

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