Citizenship by investment

Obtaining a second passport could be the best investment you ever make, for increased global mobility and personal security, business and tax exemption. Check out our top citizenship programs, offering a second passport through property investment or via donation route.

Should you be looking to reside and live in Europe, Astons’ European Citizenship by Investment programs offer Cyprus, Malta, UK as well as Bulgaria and Montenegro destination choices. There are also residency programs in Greece, Spain, Portugal and many other countries offering European residence permits that may lead to future citizenship.

For investors whose main aim is to gain global mobility and visa-free access to Europe, the Caribbean and Vanuatu Citizenship Programs can be a much more affordable option, offering a second passport with access to over 150 visa-free countries in just 1-2 months through investments starting as low as $100,000.

If you are looking for the quickest and most cost-effective way to obtain European or Caribbean citizenship, book a free consultation with the Astons experts today to receive qualified advice tailored to your specific requirements.


Citizenship in Europe

Citizenship in the Caribbean and South Pacific

Citizenship in Asia

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