Submitting payroll calculations is a costly and complex process for a company, because the demands, obligations and desires of all parties must be considered. The person calculating salaries must be aware of the frequently changing taxation rules, laws and rates. As salary taxation is person-based, each employee must be handled separately.

By entrusting the salary accounting to the experienced accountants at iCompany, you can be sure that:

  • the salary accounting is done on time and properly,
  • salary data do not leak,
  • personal data are processed as required,
  • salary accounting complies with the law
  • Included in the price:

    • Registering the employees in the employment register and programs;
    • Managing staff documents;
    • Accounting of salary, holiday, sickness, final leave and other taxes;
    • Preparing salary slips;
    • Accounting for the holiday reserve;
    • Preparing and submitting the income and social tax, mandatory funded pension tax and unemployment insurance payment declarations (TSD), incl. annexes 1 and 2.
    • Important information:

      • The price applies to one salary slip or calculation.
      • The set-up fee for each new employment and/or service contract is 35 EUR.
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