Company Registration in mauritius


Ideal for Mauritius offshore company formation:

Recommended services

Mauritius Global Business Company (GBC1)
Mauritius Authorised Company

One of the world most creditable offshore jurisdictions
No capital gains or withholding taxes levied
Social, political and economic stability
GBC1 can access to double tax treaty network (37 DTTs)
Strong governmental support to the financial sector

How to incorporate a company in Mauritius


  • Our advisory team will advise you a sufficient types of companies in Mauritius which fits your business activity. We offer 2 types of companies as Authorized company and GBC1
  • Advisory team will check the company name for a new company. There are some regulation regarding the name which won’t be used for the registration if the name
  • is identical with that of an existing company, or statutory corporation, or so nearly resembles that name as to be likely to mislead, except where the existing company or statutory corporation is in the course of being dissolved and signifies its consent in such manner as the Registrar require
  • Except with the Minister’s written consent, no company including a foreign company shall be registered under a name which includes
    • the word “Authority”, “Corporation”, “Government”, “Mauritius”, “National”, “President”, “Presidential”, “Regional”, “Republic”, “State”, or any other word which in the Registrar’s opinion suggests, or is likely to suggest, that it enjoys the patronage of the Government or of a statutory corporation, or of the Government of any other State;
    • the word “Municipal” or “Chartered” or any other word which in the Registrar’s opinion suggests, or is likely to suggest, connection with a local authority in Mauritius or elsewhere;
    • the word “co-operative”;
    • the words “Chamber of Commerce”
    • Except with the consent of the Court no company including a foreign company shall be registered by a name, which in the opinion of the Registrar is undesirable or misleading.
    • You will be informed about Mauritius’s obligation, taxation policy, financial year, renewal date for your company in Mauritius.
    • Your Mauritius company details

      • We need information of your company Director, Shareholder, along with the shares ratio.
      • Choose recommended services for your Mauritius company:
        • Bank account: You can achieve bank account in many banks in the world with Mauritius entity. You can choose most of the bank options in the list (except UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong).
        • Nominee services: One of the minimum conditions is to have 3 directors .Using the Nominee services to fulfill it. And also the information of Nominee will be shown but not you.
        • Serviced office: Choose your favorite jurisdiction for Service address. You can have many Service address all over the world.
        • IP & Trademark: You can register Intellectual Property in all of the jurisdictions with Mauritius entity.
        • Merchant account: this service will be fulfilled after the corporate bank account is activated.
        • Bookkeeping: This service will be used in the future
        • Processing time: You can select 2 time frames depending on the urgency of your request. For normal cases, a company can be formed in about 3 working days, while urgent cases can be processed and completed in 1 working day only. The process duration counts after the receipt of full payment and all required documents.
        • Payment for Your Favorite Mauritius Company

          We accept payment with variety various payment methods, namely:
          • Credit/Debit card (Visa/Master/Amex).
          • Paypal: you can make a payment using your PayPal account.
          • Bank Transfer: You can make an international wire transfer to our bank accounts. A list of various banks is available for your most convenience It is possible to transfer through IBAN/SEPA if you are living in the Europe. Otherwise, SWIFT will also work, taking from 3 to 5 days.
          • Send the company kit to your address

            • Your company original documents will be sent to your provided address via mail (DHL/TNT/FedEX). Bank account opening, Serviced office, License or Trademark application can be subsequently fulfilled at this time.
            • It may take 2 to 5 working days to deliver the company kit after your company is incorporated.
            • Upon the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation, your company in Vietnam is ready to do business worldwide.
            • Request a Quote

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