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Ideal for Malta business registry:

Recommended services

Malta Private Limited Liability Company

A strategic geographical location, ideally placed to approach both the European and North African markets
A well-established economic environment, highly credited for its growing strength in financial services
A strong legal system which is in line with EU regulations
Favorable double taxation treaty network with over 70 countries in the world

How to register a company in Malta


  • Our advisory team will advise you a sufficient type of Malta company which fits your business activity.
  • Advisory team will check the company name for a new company. There are some regulations that the company won’t be registered if the name:
    • is the same as a name of another commercial partnership or so nearly similar as in the opinion of the Registrar it could create confusion
    • is in the opinion of the Registrar offensive or otherwise undesirable
    • has been reserved for registration for another commercial partnership by a notice in writing to the Registrar
    • A company shall not be registered by a name which includes the word “fiduciary”, “nominee” or “trustee”, or any abbreviation, contraction or derivative thereof, unless such company is authorized to act as a trustee in terms of the applicable laws of Malta
    • You will be informed about Malta’s obligation, taxation policy, financial year
    • Your Malta company details

      • We need information of your company Director, Shareholder, along with the shares ratio.
      • Choose recommended services for your Malta company:
        • Bank account: You can achieve bank account in many banks in the world with Malta entity. You can choose most of the bank options in the list (except UAE, Hong Kong).
        • Nominee services: Using the Nominee services so the information of Nominee will be shown on Company Registration’s website.
        • Serviced office: Choose your favorite jurisdiction for Service address. You can have many Service address all over the world.
        • IP & Trademark: You can register Intellectual Property in all of the jurisdictions with Malta entity.
        • Merchant account: this service will be fulfilled after the corporate bank account is activated.
        • Bookkeeping: This service will be used in the future.
        • Processing time: You can select 2 time frames depending on the urgency of your request. For normal cases, a company can be formed in about 5 working days, while urgent cases can be processed and completed in 4 working days. The process duration counts after the receipt of full payment and all required documents.
        • Payment for Your Favorite Malta Company

          We accept payment with variety various payment methods, namely:
          • Credit/Debit card (Visa/Master/Amex).
          • Paypal: you can make a payment using your PayPal account.
          • Bank Transfer: You can make an international wire transfer to our bank accounts. A list of various banks is available for your most convenience It is possible to transfer through IBAN/SEPA if you are living in the Europe. Otherwise, SWIFT will also work, taking from 3 to 5 days.
          • Send the company kit to your address

            • Your company original documents will be sent to your provided address via mail (DHL/TNT/FedEX). Bank account opening, Serviced office, License or Trademark application can be subsequently fulfilled at this time.
            • It may take 2 to 5 working days to deliver the company kit after your company is incorporated.
            • Upon the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation, your company in Vietnam is ready to do business worldwide.
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