Submitting tax declarations is mandatory for all companies, even if it hasn’t had any real activities during the period. Filling out and submitting 6B or 6C report and 63 reports are mandatory for all companies. Depending on business activities and size of the company, additional reports are necessary. It’s mandatory to add Minutes of the Board protocol to annual tax declarations.

Included in the price:

  • All necessary declarations
  • 6B/6C
  • 62 (necessary for clients with depreciation accounting)
  • 63
  • Official balance sheet
  • Official income statements
  • Sending documents to the Tax Office
  • Process flow:

    • We gather all the necessary documents and compose the declarations
    • If you have given us the access to your company, the annual tax declaration to the Tax Office can be filed online
    • Important information:

      • The same declarations also have to be submitted to The Unemployment Insurance Fund (TVR) and insurance company.

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