Every company registered in Lithuania is required to have an official accountant, who is registered with StateTax Inspectorate. Your accountant will be there for you to take care of your everyday accounting, declarations etc. as well as advise you on taking good business decisions.


Included in the service:

• Completion of cashbook;
• Registration of petty cash vouchers in accounting documents;
• Registration of purchase and sale invoices in accounting documents or verification of recorded purchase and sale invoices;
• Registration of cash documents in accounting documents;
• Accounting of fixed assets;
• Calculation of salary and its registration in accounting documents;
• Registration of bank documents in accounting documents;
• Summary accounting of warehouse;
• Calculation of taxes;
• Preparation of financial accountability;
• Preparation of tax reports;
• Preparation of financial statistical reports;
• Preparation of social insurance reports;
• Delivery of prepared declarations/reports to State Tax Inspectorate, Social Insurance Fund Board, Department of Statistics, State Enterprise “Centre of Registers”

The first payment of 65€ is a prepayment for the first hour of accountants work and usually includes:
• A consultation with our accountant to get a clear overview about your company’s actions and needs, agree on the cooperation principles, give overview about basics of Lithuanian taxation and accounting rules and deadlines.
• Setting your company up in accounting software
• Instruction about necessary accesses (Social Insurance Fund Board, State Tax Inspectorate, etc.)
• Preparation of documents archiving means and other required actions to take over company’s accounting
Next invoices for accounting service are issued once a month with a 15-minute accuracy and the minimum monthly fee is 65€.

We accept the source documents in Lithuanian, Russian and English.

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