Registered address:

The registered address is necessary for every company in the UK for as long as the company is registered. Address service is the best solution for non-residents who have started their company in the UK but don’t have an office here.

A registered office is the official contact address for the company. This address will be shown on the Companies House register and will be publicly available to everyone. It also serves as the official correspondence address for delivering official government mail from the local tax office (HMRC) and Companies House.

Directors service address:

Companies House requires all directors of UK companies to register an address for the director on the public record. Ordering directors service address from us is a good opportunity to keep your own home address private from customers, suppliers, and other third parties. Any legal documents addressed to the directors of the company will be sent at this address. Price includes directors service address for up to 3 persons.

Service also includes postal services (accepting, sorting, and forwarding your mail).

Included in the price:

  • Company’s registered address for a year
  • Directors service address (up to 3 directors) for a year
  • Company’s and directors administrative address for receiving mail
  • Mail sorting and forwarding by e-mail
  • Available for an extra fee:

    • Additional directors if you want directors’ service address for more than 3 persons – £50 for each additional director
    • If you prefer to receive your unopened by mail this can be arranged for an additional fee.
    • Important information:

      • This is a yearly subscription service. The fee for the next year’s period will be issued from your credit card one month prior to the new period.
      • The period of one year starts from the date the service was bought.
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