Company is required to submit an application for registration as a VAT payer to the Tax and Customs Board within three working days from reaching the VAT registration threshold. If company has no taxable supply yet or the company’s taxable supply does not exceed 40 000 euros, the registration as a VAT payer shall be voluntary.

Additional questions might be asked from Tax and Customs board.

Included in the price:

  • Preparing the application based on the information provided by client
  • Submitting the application to Tax and Customs Board electronically
  • Process Flow:

    • After payment we will send you questions that you need to answer
    • We fill in all the necessary forms
    • If you are an e-resident you can digitally authorize us to submit the application on behalf of the company
    • If you are not an e-resident you need to come to Tallinn or authorize iCompany representative (PoA) to act on behalf of the company
    • We send the application to the tax office. If they have additional questions, we help with the answers.
    • VAT number is registered in a week
    • Important information:

      • Before applying for VAT number the company must have valid banking solution/IBAN.
      • In order to apply for the VAT number, it is required for the board member to visit tax office in person or digitally sign the application or to authorize iCompany House representative to act on behalf of the company.
      • If the company has the VAT number, monthly declarations are mandatory.
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