Getting a VAT number in Lithuania as a company owned by non-residents is a complex process. In order to apply for VAT number your company must have an accountant registered with the State Tax Inspection, who has the right to submit documents to the Tax Inspection.

Be prepared to provide following information:

  • Main business activities in the country of origin
  • Expected business activities in Lithuania
  • Agreements in place related to activities in Lithuania
  • Do shareholders have any other entities or associations in Lithuania?
  • Included in the price:

    • Drafting the VAT application
    • Submitting the application to State Tax Inspectorate (STI)
    • Answering the possible questions STI might ask*
    • NB! Please note that as a VAT payer you are required to submit monthly declarations even if your company has no activities during that period. *Included in the price is answering the questions for one time. If the application is denied or even more questions will be asked from STI additional fee of 50 euros will be added.

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