Before starting business in Sweden, you need to apply for several registrations at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). We will help you to decide, which registrations your company needs and in which order to apply for them.

Included in the price:

  • Filling out the application with your company information
  • Submitting the application to Tax Agency
  • Answering to the additional completion queries
  • Communication with the Tax Agency
  • We help you to apply for following registrations:

    • F-tax registration
    • VAT payer registration
    • Employers’ registration
    • Other registrations (MOSS registration, Personliggare, RUT/ROT ombud etc.)
    • Important information:

      • After submitting the applications to Swedish Tax Agency it usually takes around 4 weeks to receive the registrations (on some occasions 2-10 weeks).
      • Some registrations bring obligations to submit declarations with them even if the company has not started business yet. This means that it is mandatory to do monthly accounting. For example, being registered as an employer means that your company has to declare salary every month, even in case no payments have been done.
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