Why to choose starting package?

  • You get a ready-made company, that is already registered to our virtual office address in the center of Stockholm. We submit the application to re-registrate the company and if all necessary documents are provided, it takes only 5-10 days to be registered to your name.
  • Share capital must not be payed in immediately, it has to be transferred to company’s bank account by the end of the first fiscal year.
  • Package includes contact person that is mandatory for all the companies in case none of the company’s board members has Swedish Personal Number.
  • Package includes legal address with postal service. Legal address is mandatory for every company in Sweden for as long as the company is registered. Service also includes postal service for receiving and forwarding the mail.
  • In order to start business in Sweden you have to apply for tax registrations. This package combines all the tax registrations you need – VAT payer registration, employers’registration and F-tax registration.
  • We also offer comprehensive and automated accounting service. This package includes the starting fee for our accounting service. After this you will be charged depending on your exact transaction and work volumes, the minimum monthly fee is 650 SEK.
  • Included in the price:

    • Ready-made Swedish company
    • Tax registrations
    • Legal address with postal service for one year
    • Contact person for one year
    • Accounting service one-time starting fee
    • State fee
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