Why to choose starting package?

  • In order to start business in Sweden with your existing foreign company, you have to apply for tax registrations. This package combines help with all the tax registrations you need – VAT registration, employers registration and F-tax registration.
  • Package also includes legal address with postal service. Owning a legal address in Sweden makes your business more trustworthy. You will also receive all the letters coming from Swedish authorities and offices without any problems and delay as the postal service includes receiving and forwarding all the letters.
  • We also offer comprehensive and automated accounting service. This package includes the starting fee for our accounting service. After this you will be charged depending on your exact transaction and work volumes, the minimum monthly fee is 650 SEK.
  • Included in the price:

    • Tax registrations for foreign company 5000 SEK
    • Legal address with postal service for one year 7080 SEK 3540 SEK – special 50% discount applies when purchasing the package
    • Accounting service one-time starting fee 2500 SEK
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