Included in the price:

  • Location-independent online access to accounting software
  • Possibility to create sales invoices – create your own invoices and send them to the clients directly from the software.
  • Easy to forward expense documents – use a mobile app to take pictures of your expense documents and they will be automatically forwarded to the accounting software
  • The option of using e-invoices (machine-readable documents)
  • Important information:

    • This is a monthly subscription service. The fee will be issued from your credit card at the beginning of every month.
    • You’ll receive a webinar training on how to use the accounting software and how to maximise the functions and options of the software.
    • Self accounting solution does not include accounting service nor a dedicated accountant.
    • This is not for VAT registered companies. An Estonian company needs to register a VAT number in Estonia if the turnover of Estonian or EU sales exceeds 40 000 € per year. If a company has a VAT number in Estonia, it needs to submit tax declarations every month, therefore it needs accounting service.
    • Every company registered in Estonia has to submit an annual report every year.
    • After the payment please fill in the KYC (Know Your Customer) form that we send you. The service will start after the KYC form has been submitted.
    • If the purchase of Self Accounting Solution is made between the dates 1-20 (for example, January 15th), a new invoice will be issued on the first day of the following month (for example, February 1st). If the purchase is made between the dates 21-31 (for example, January 25th), the new invoice will be issued on the first day of the next month (for example, March 1st).
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