The ready-made company has the share capital already registered in for the first financial year through a temporary bank account and the company can be purchased without traveling to Sweden. The company does not have any previous history. You will become the owner of the company from signing the contract. The new management board will be registered to the Business Register within 6 business days from filing the changes. Please contact us if you need more information about the service.

Swedish limited liability company must have at least three board members or at least one member of the management board and one deputy member. Not less than one-half of the members of the board must be residents of the European Economic Area. In the event the limited company has no board member who is resident in Sweden, a contact person must be appointed.

Keep in mind that having a local legal address is mandatory for every Swedish company and usually it can’t be a residential address. The legal address will be shown in the business registry and all the official letters will be sent to this address.

In order to start a business in Sweden you have to apply for tax registrations.

Every company registered in Sweden has to submit the Annual Report and Annual Income Declaration. If the company has monthly transactions, invoices and VAT number, it’s also mandatory to submit monthly declarations. If you don’t have time or resources to do this yourself, you can order our accounting service.

Included in the price:

  • Overview of the company’s purchase procedure and requirements
  • Preparing and gathering supporting documents
  • Changing the company’s records in the Commercial Register (Bolagsverket)
  • Changing the Article of Associations and Board meeting protocol
  • State fee
  • Process flow:

    • Choose the services you wish to order (in addition to the ready-made company you might need a legal address, contact person, tax registrations and/or accounting service)
    • Answer the questions you receive after purchasing the service – they are necessary to prepare the documents
    • We fill out all the necessary forms and change the company’s records in the Commercial Register
    • You have until the end of the first fiscal year to open a bank account
    • Important information:

      • The new management board has to open a bank account by the end of the first fiscal year and pay the shared capital of 25 000 SEK to the account.
      • In order to start a business in Sweden, you have to apply for tax registrations.
      • In the case of non-EU citizen’s involvement in the company formation process, there is a residency requirement exception application to be completed for an additional fee (1375 SEK, price includes state fees).
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