It is a common practice for employees to be issued payroll slips and be paid monthly by the 25th of each month. In the case of payroll calculations, the employer has to take into account a wide range of different nuances deriving from legislation and it is advisable to always entrust the payroll of employees with the specialist. Almost always, special payroll programs are used for payroll calculations.

Included in the price:

  • Creating payslips for each employee
  • Processing employee data in accordance to GDPR requirements
  • Tax calculation
  • Calculation of holiday pay
  • Sickness payment calculation
  • Special benefits
  • Bonuses and other one-off revenues
  • Business trip reports
  • Calculation of the final balance
  • Preparation and submission of the monthly remuneration statement to the tax authority
  • Available for an extra fee:

    • Conclusion of employment contracts
    • Registration with trade unions or employers’ union
    • Communication of employees or payroll data to different Swedish authorities (e.g. Arbetsmiljöverket, Byggnads, Fora)
    • Applications for personal identification numbers for employees
    • Applications for Health Insurance Fund
    • Process flow:

      • Send us all the salary information for each employee at least five days prior to the deadline of a payslip issuance. For example, the number of hours worked per month, information on overtime, number of days off or sick leave etc. shall be transmitted
      • We make all necessary calculations and prepare payslips for your employees
      • We send payslips to the client and, if desired, also to your employees
      • Important information:

        In order to get started with payroll, we request you to forward us the following documents:
        • A-Skattesedel from tax authority for each employee
        • Confirmation from tax authority of registration as an employee
        • Copy of employment contract
        • Information regarding collective agreement
        • Other special features of employees (work permit, residence permit, A1 certificate, SINK)
        • Request a Quote

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