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Company formation in Poland is a simple process that requires a few key steps for registering the business. First-time investors in Poland, as well as foreign entrepreneurs,  can rely on the help provided by our team of agents.

Types of companies in Poland

The limited liability company

 also known as the Sp. z.o.o, this is a business form suited to small and medium-sized businesses, where the founders are only liable up to the capital invested in the company.

The joint stock company

the SA is also a limited liability company, in as that investors are only liable up to the invested capital but it is the public one which can also be listed on the Stock Exchange. 

The partnerships

 these come in several forms, like the limited partnership, the general partnership or the professional partnership. The founders have different degrees of liability.

The sole trader

 the simplest business form and also the one with the highest degree of liability for the founder.

Poland Civil Law Partnership

 does not act under business name within the meaning of civil law. 

Poland Company Formation

Situated in the heart of Europe, Poland has been an EU member since 1 May 2004, joint Schengen starting March 2008, and its currency is zloty. The official body responsible for company registration and company maintenance in Poland is the National Court Register. 

Poland is open for business and welcomes foreign investment and business immigrants. To register a company and set up your business in Poland, it opens your door of doing business in EU. To form your own company in Poland, the first thing to consider, is choosing the proper type of company. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most popular format of company in Poland among both the Poles and foreign investors. 

Company formation in Poland include:

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