Establishing a company in Finland has never been easier. From July 1st, 2019 the share capital requirement for Finnish company is 0€, which makes establishing a company really easy as there is no need to travel to Finland, apply for a start-up account in a bank nor requirement to pay in share capital.

Company formation in our Company Formation Portal takes around 20 minutes. It requires you to create an account and fill in information about your company. The process is fully online and you can order all additional services with a few clicks – banking solutions, tax registrations, insurance, accounting, address service.

Included in the price:

  • Comfortable self-service platform
  • Technical support
  • Registering the company in the Business Register (Kaupparekisteri)
  • State fee
  • Available for an extra fee:

    • Amendments to Business Register (from 50€)
    • Notarized registry extract (from 35 €)
    • Process flow:

      • Create an account and log in
      • Fill in simple forms
      • Add additional services – a banking solution from TransferWise or Payoneer, insurance, tax registrations, legal address and accounting with one click if needed.
      • We will go over the information and send you the application that needs to be signed. Please print it out, sign it, take a picture and upload it back to the Portal.
      • All necessary documents will be delivered to the Business Register.
      • The estimated processing time (usually 2-3 weeks) can be checked from Trade Register web, the registration certificate will be sent to company’s official address via post.
      • We send you all the details about the company, tax registrations and accounting (if chosen). Banking solution provider and/or insurance company will contact you.
      • You can start your business activities.
      • Important information:

        • In order to start a business in Finland you have to apply for tax registrations.
        • Finnish limited liability company must have at least one member of the management board and one deputy member. At least one of the management board members and one of the deputy members must be residents of the European Economic Area.
        • Having a legal address is mandatory for every Finnish company. Legal address will be shown in the business registry and all the official letters will be sent to this address.
        • Every company registered in Finland has to submit annual report. If a company has monthly transactions, invoices and VAT number, it’s also mandatory to submit monthly declarations. If you don’t have time or resources to do this yourself, you can order our accounting service.
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