Fast and efficient everyday accounting makes your life easier. The exact volume and accounting procedures will be individually agreed with the client.

Most important features of our service include:

  • Everyday accounting
  • Location-independant access to online accounting software – Program is available in swedish and estonian.
  • Possibility to create sales invoices yourself – Creating and sending sales invoices has never been easier. Prepare them yourself and send directly to clients or outsource it to your accountant who takes care everything for you.
  • An overview of company’s finances in real time – Unreceived invoices, business results of last 12 months, unpaid invoices, top selling products and much more. All overviews are also displayed visually as graphs.
  • Easy expense documents forwarding – Just take a pictures of your expense documents and forward them to your accountant through a mobile app. It’s also possible to send documents with e-mails.
  • Possibility for e-invoices
  • Confirmation circle for purchase invoices – You have the opportunity to confirm all the purchase invoices before they are saved the the accounting and sent to the bank. Invoices can be confirmed directly inside the program or mobile app.
  • Automatic connections with banks
  • Archive for the documents – You and your accountant have the possibility to save all the important documents there
  • Included in the service:

    • Everyday accounting with features above
    • Payroll
    • Tax declarations and reports to authorities
    • Communication with authorities
    • Exact volume, procedures and features will be individually agreed.
    • Important information:

      • The first payment of 2750 SEK is a set-up fee that includes 1h training how to use our accounting software, how to maximize the benefit from different features and how to make it all fit with your nature of business. We also do the setup of the program based exactly on your needs. Your monthly accounting service fee will be agreed on your volume of transactions and nature of business. Minimum monthly fee is 650 SEK and invoices are issued once a month. We reserve the right to change our service prices if your monthly volume of transactions changes more than 25%.
      • We accept the source documents in Swedish, Estonian and English.
      • Every company registered in Sweden has to submit the annual report once a year even if the company doesn’t have any activities during the financial year.
      • In order to submit declarations on time all documents must be forwarded to your accountant as soon as possible but not later than the 5th of next month. Delayed declarations will results in penalty by the tax office.
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